Behnoud Mohammadi

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[Audio/Visual Project]
Influenced by Tehran's atmosphere

Froce Ignore

mostly influenced by traditional rituals of the middle east,
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pieces are made by a microphone and
nothing more but audio processing
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This is the gathering of loneliness
and darkness, sounds are getting mix in
“NOWEHRE” the place idft records, where the
roof’s footsteps sound mention things
living with you, and sometimes you wake up
when you didn’t sleep before. These series are
prepared not only in moods but compatibility,
the genre doesn’t play role here, but for
newcomers it’s mostly ambient and soundscapes.
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Artist: M.H Project - Photo Credit: Ehsan Ahmadi


(Program and Technical Director)
TEM FEST (Tehran Electronic Music Festival)
is a non govermental organization
to improve and developing electronic music culture
both for people and artists.

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(Sound Designer)
Real-Time strategy and action in an abandoned future

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[Audio/Visual Performance]
(ُSound Designer and Video Artist)

Do Not Hesitate

[Sound Installation/Video Art]
(Interactive Visual Artist)
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[Video Art]
(Sound Designer)
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Winter Mood

[Audio/Visual Performance]
(Interactive Visual Disgner)
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4 Days of Oscillation

[Video Art]
sound complexes with it's oscilloscope
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North Bahar

(Sound Artist)
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Sam Center, Exabithon: TADAEX 2014, Tehran, Iran

V (Penta)

[Sound Installation]

“I never have seen such complexity in the passage of time and never found my place, since I thought to its essence this illusion began...”
(The installation consists of a pipe-made cabin, (3*2*2 meters)
“which has got 5 shafts on some of the generative real pipes.
each audience can go into this cabin and play with the shafts by rolling them,
the audience can change a variation of the sound which is playing in the cabin from the speakers.
Presented in Sam Center Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition)”


[Video Art Studio]
(Sound Designer)
An independent platform to create
and publish creative experimental
video arts based in Tehran, Iran.
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