Behnoud Mohammadi

BEHNOUD MOHAMMADI - SOUND ARTIST (Tehran, Iran, 1992) Behnoud aka thecimal is a sound artist and electronic music composer working in music composition,
sound recording, sound design, video art, audio visual and programming. After his Information Technology study in an
institute of Electronic and IT based in Tehran and Software Engineering in Azad University (only specific courses).
he started to study Music Composition in Tehran Art University. and recorded a variety of traditional music,
classical music and other genres in Tehran Art University Studio, University of Tehran and other studios,
also experienced live sound engineering, field recording for short films and IRIB field recording for TV shows.
By the knowledge of software programming he started to make interactive media, games and environments with artificial intelligence.

· Tehran Electronic Music Festival [Program And Technical Director]
· Nova Corp/Mechworld [Sound Designer]
· ATJ [Information Technology Researcher]

Former Titles:
· Tehran Anunal Digtal Exhibition [Technical Assistant]
· 1oI Studios [Sound Designer]

AKA: idft, Force Ignore, P01ntl355, havytna


· Sep 22 / IDFT - L3F Single track released by Noctivagant [website] (USA)

· Sep 7-10 / Sound Supervisor/Event Assistant at Royal Shopping Center via TEM Fest (Iran)

· Sep 6 / Technical Manager at Vicolo Group via TEM Fest [website] (Iran)

· Sep 5 / Sound Supervisor/Technical Manager at Sam Center via TEM Fest [website] (Iran)

· May - Present / Nova Corp Game Sound Designer [website] (Norway)
NovaCorp was until recently a modding studio with around 15 years of experience, but now
we're ramping up the bets to create the perfect game from scratch. No more limits on our
creativity and ideas, this is how we can create the ultimate multiplayer gaming experience”

· Mar 3-9 / TEM Fest Technical Manager / Festival Advisor [website] (Iran)
TEM FEST 2018 (Tehran Electronic Music Festical), Fourteen concerts performed during the festival, two each night.”

· Oct - Present / TEM Fest Technical Manager / Festival Advisor [website] (Iran)
TEM FEST (Tehran Electronic Music Festical) is a non govermental organization to improve and developing electronic music culture
both for people and artists.”



· May 25 / p01ntl355 - Part 1 on Syrphe at colabradio May 2017 [mixcloud] (Germany)

· May 5 / IDFT - DT on Unexplained Sounds Group - Visions of Darkness in Iranian Contemporary Music [bandcamp] (Italy)

· Apr 28, 29 / Event Planner for Polish rock band Partyzant at Vahdat Hall [link] (Iran)

· Apr 27 / Sound design for video art, Shabnam Saadi MFA Media Arts thesis at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar [video] (Germany)

· Apr 22 / Havytna Black World an ambient mix including 4 various artists [mixcloud]

· Apr 10 / IDFT - 2ml Featured on Horror Music World [youtube]

· Mar 22 / Havytna Waterpumps an ambient mix including 9 various artists [mixcloud]

· Mar 17 / IDFT - KH Single track released by Eight Tower Records [bandcamp] (Italy)

· Feb 22 / Havytna Obnoxious an ambient mix including 7 various artists [mixcloud]

· Feb 20 / IDFT - DT on Unexplained Sounds Group - The Recognition Test # 56 [mixcloud] (Italy)

· Feb 8 / p01ntl355 Part 1 and Part 2 on Harsh Noise Movement - Six Artists From Iran [bandcamp] (UK)

· Jan 22 / Havytna Kangars Bleed an ambient mix including 9 various artists [mixcloud]

· Jan / Journalist for SET Festival [website] (Iran)
"persian interviews as podcast"


· Dec 22 / Havytna the Lost Identity an ambient mix including 12 various artists [mixcloud]

· Dec 8 / IDFT - 2ml on Unexplained Sounds 2016 - the 2nd annual recognition test [bandcamp] (Italy)

· Nov 24 / Visual Artist for Alphi at Saye Gallery (Iran)

· Nov 5 / IDFT + Force Ignore Performance at Tehran Independent Theater (Iran)

· Sep 25 / IDFT - R on presented at TADAEX06 as Iran Experimental Underground [website] (Iran)

· Sep 12 / Backend and web design for collective expansion installation [website]

· Sep 8 / Force Ignore featured project on Iran Current by Flux RM Radio [website]

· Aug 6 / IDFT + Force Ignore Performance at Saye Gallery (Iran)

· Jul 14, 16 / Force Ignore “Zār” feat Babakool performance at Da Theater (Iran)
Babakool: Kreshik (a Belgium DJ and curator) and Force Ignore (thecimal) decided to
cooperate together for a common music project inspired by musical and audiovisual landscapes from Iran and Belgium.”

· Jul 9 / IDFT - R on Iran Experimental Underground 016 survey [bandcamp] (Italy)

· Jun 6 / DJ/Visual Artist performance at Saye Gallery [mixcloud] (Iran)

· May 28 / IDFT featured project on Iran Current by Flux RM Radio [website]

· May 26 / IDFT Performance at Saye Gallery (Iran)

· Feb 11 / Video Production workshop [link] (Iran)

· Jan 11-16 / Sound Design for DOA a work by Cassra Goudarz `presented at Aran Gallery (Iran)


· Dec 2 / IDFT on Unexplained Sounds Group - the recognition test # 2 [mixcloud] (Italy)

· Oct 28 / IDFT Release on Petroglyph Label [website] (Norway)

· Oct 15 / Force Ignore a ritual ambient project [soundcloud] (Iran)

· Oct 7 / Visual Artist for Annika Anderson at Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition (Iran)

· Oct 5 / IDFT Audio Visual Performance at Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition [website] [Vimeo] (Iran)

· Oct / Technical Artist and Support Assistant for Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition (Iran)

· Media Design for (commercial)

· Sound Design for (commercial)

· Jun 19 / NORTH-BAHAAR - 14108-1 single track with Hasan Hujairi and Cassra Goodarz [soundcloud] (Iran)

· Jun – Oct / Working in a record label neuriterecords as a collaborator


· Dec 20 / P01ntl355 - Part-2 [soundcloud] (Iran)

· Nov 27 / P01ntl355 - Part-1 [soundcloud] (Iran)

· Nov / Creating a performance with piano and interactive audio accompaniment
Declined by headquarter of composing due to Independency
(University of Art, Tehran)

· Nov / Formed p01ntl355 noise project [soundcloud]

“recording street and public places sound materials and processing with portable studio.”

· Jun-Nov / Visual Artist at Iran International Exhibition

· An electronic music dedicated to ADHD community

· Working in nullsight, technical support, sound engineer and media advisor

· Technical support at Mohsen Gallery

· Oct Technical Support/Sound Engineer for Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition via nullsight

· Oct 1 / “V” (=Penta) a sound installation presented in Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition [website]
“I never have seen such complexity in the passage of time and never found my place, since I thought to its essence this illusion began...”
(The installation consists of a pipe-made cabin, (3*2*2 meters)
“which has got 5 shafts on some of the generative real pipes.
each audience can go into this cabin and play with the shafts by rolling them,
the audience can change a variation of the sound which is playing in the cabin from the speakers.
Presented in Sam Center TADAEX04)”

· Apr / Assistant Teacher of Computer Music, Art University of Tehran.

· Mar 17 / IDFT – R [soundcloud]

· Mar / Sound design and concept artist for 1oI – K7 (Video Art)

· Mar / Sound design and concept artist for 1oI – 3861 (Video Art)

· Mar 23 / Sound design and concept artist for 1oI – O5 [vimeo] (Video Art)

· Mar 16 / Sound design and concept artist for 1oI – ES13 [vimeo] (Video Art)


· Sound design and concept artist for 1oI – L2 (Video Art)

· Formed experimental video art platform “1oI Studio”

“An independent platform to create and publish creative experimental video arts based in Tehran, Iran.”
applied for
AIVA Festival 2014 (Sweden)
Miden Festival 2014 (Greece)

· Oct 10 2012 / IDFT – A-1 [soundcloud]
“Enchanting sounds carry the audience into the revelatory act of observing the world”